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Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2023 Outlook Blog

Emerging Real Estate Trends 2023
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Brokers, Investors & Economists Are Taking the Long View The real estate business is transitioning out of its concentration on cyclical headwinds — that is, rising interest rates, declining GDP, weakened deal flows — and taking a long-...

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2022 Hispanic Wealth Report

Hispanic Wealth 2022
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The Background. In 2014, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) established the Hispanic Wealth Project (HWP), an initiative born out of the wake of the Great Recession, when Latinos lost up to two-thirds of th...

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What to do when you inherit a house.

What to Do When You Inherit a House

{Reading Time: 4 minutes} Inheriting property can be a blessing, an opportunity to preserve family traditions, and keep a beloved home within the family. It can also come with emotional and legal difficulties, put heirs at odds, and drag out...

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Mortgage Rates Have Doubled. Now What?

Mortgage Rates Have Doubled. What Now?

{Reading Time: 6 minutes} If you’re making a real estate move, it’s on your mind -- this year’s sky-rocketing mortgage rates. Purchasing power has decreased, and many Buyers have been forced to delay or cancel their purchases. The m...

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Miami Pet Life: Getting Started

10 Tips for New Miami Pet Owners

{Reading Time: 3 minutes} Jessica Brody Guest Blogger If you’re moving to Miami with your beloved pets, or you’re a first-time adopter, you’ll want to be prepared to set them up for an easy transition into their new home and/or...

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