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We understand that buying your home is not just an important transaction, but an emotional one, as well.

We take very seriously the responsibility of serving as your Realtor, and will do so with absolute honesty and integrity.

That is the promise of every member of The Monica Betancourt Group at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty.

Home Buyer Must-Dos

Realtor Selection
An experienced, respected Realtor with whom you feel comfortable and have a natural rapport is fundamental to a smooth home search and purchase.

If you don’t already have someone in mind that you know and trust, ask for referrals from trusted family, friends, or colleagues. If you can’t get a referral, search online for a Realtor in your area of interest, bearing in mind reviews, recommendations, and experience.

Interview the most promising Realtor(s) personally before making your selection.

Credit Check
Review your credit score to make sure you know where you stand. Pause any new activity until you have purchased your home. Choose a Lender based on the programs they have that fit your needs.

Speak Up! Ask & You Shall Receive
Your Realtor will send you information and photos of available properties for your review. The best way to see what you really want and need is to make clear as many details as possible about your preferences, including price range, schools, proximity to work, access to a marina, public transportation, and any additional factors that will determine the areas best suited to you and your family.

Ask your agent how you can help improve selections. Tell her if you prefer phone calls, text messages, emails, or a mix of them. Communication is key.

Streamline Searches through Your Agent
Once you have an agent, do not call listing agents directly. Give your Realtor any addresses you find on your own so that she can make appointments for you. This eliminates confusion with the listing agent about your representation. If you attend Open Houses without your agent, give her card or name to the Open House agent for the same reason.

Set Realistic Goals
Fast or slow, neither is inherently right or wrong. Only what works for you matters. Knowing yourself, your schedule, your needs, priorities, and the market in your area (with guidance from your Realtor), set a realistic timeframe to find the right property for you. This will help avoid disappointment or feelings of impatience if it takes a bit of time to find your dream home.

Think Livability
While it’s important to think about resale value, most buyers aren’t real estate investors; they’re people buying a home to live in.

Allow your Realtor show you homes that fit your needs even if they’re not exactly on the street or neighborhood you had in mind. There are usually many options that will be a great match for you, and it’s a very good idea to look at all of them, or as many as possible, to make the most informed choice.

Believe That Full Inspections Are Priceless
Always order a full professional inspection; your Realtor can recommend the top inspection companies in the area. A full inspection may seem expensive, but it is the best investment you can make as a Home Buyer for peace of mind and objective, detailed information about the property you are buying and its condition.

Partner with Reputable Title Agent or Attorney
Either with your Realtor’s help or through your contacts, select a reputable title agent or attorney to help you in the closing process. You, your Lender, and your Realtor will work closely with this professional to prepare all your documents for the closing.

Know That Value Is About More Than Square Footage
Price per square foot is just part of the story — there are many very important factors that don’t show up in that number.

You’ll want to consider the yard, garage, and anything else that isn’t included in the “official” square footage. Take into account also the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the condition of the home, none of which are represented by square footage.

Know Your Contract Intimately
It’s critical as a Home Buyer that you fully understand the contract you are signing. Your Realtor will help as much as you need to feel confident in this understanding. Know your rights, the timeline, the contingencies, and your obligations to keep the Seller and your Realtor informed regarding financing, inspections, and other parts of the contract. Knowledge is power!

Stay the Course & The Day Will Come…
You did your homework, you worked with The Monica Betancourt Group, and you closed. All that remains is to be happy in your new home!

EWM Realty has been the leading luxury brokerage in South Florida for over a half century. Working with us gives you the security of having the area’s most powerful, ethical, and well-regarded real estate company behind you.

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