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Hispanic Wealth Report 2021 – Free Download

The Background

(Note: The 2022 Hispanic Wealth Report is available here.)

In 2014, the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) established the Hispanic Wealth Project (HWP), an initiative born out of the wake of the Great Recession, when Latinos lost up to two-thirds of their median household wealth.

It was then that the organization set the audacious goal to triple Hispanic household wealth by 2024. To guide that goal, the HWP produced a blueprint outlining three primary areas of focus, along with a series of targeted component goals for building wealth: increasing homeownership, small business ownership and scaling, as well as growing savings and investments.

The Progress

Seven years since the creation of the Hispanic Wealth Project (HWP) and two economic crises later, Latinos continue to surge forward with a level of resilience that has come to characterize the U.S. Hispanic community. By all measures, Latinos are on track to reach the HWP goal of for median household wealth by 2024, and could possibly reach the HWP goal two years ahead of schedule.

The Methodology

The survey was administered online to 6,000 individuals by Morning Consult, between July 29 and August 1, 2021. The survey sample is weighted to represent the national Hispanic population by age, race, gender, education, and region. All factors are based on American Community Survey (ACS) census demographic data.

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Hispanic Wealth Report 2021