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10 Tips for New Miami Pet Owners

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Jessica Brody
Guest Blogger

Tips for Miami Pet Owners

If you’re moving to Miami with your beloved pets, or you’re a first-time adopter, you’ll want to be prepared to set them up for an easy transition into their new home and/or city. We’ve gathered these “Pet-Friendly Miami” resources to make it easy for you!

Start by finding the perfect home with The Monica Betancourt Group, then set about making your home welcoming and comforting for your pet, as well as finding essential pet services in Miami.

Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

 As you settle into Miami and/or your new home, you’ll want to make any necessary changes to ensure that it’s safe for your pet.

Find Local Help

If you don’t know anyone in Miami yet, you’ll need to find a veterinarian and likely also a pet-sitter with a proven record of trust and reliability. Here’s how to connect with Miami pet care pros.

Have Fun in the City

Make the most of your Miami life with your animal companion at your side. Follow these tips for pet-friendly fun around the city.

Remember, it’s important to simply get outside to de-stress. because your stress can rub off on your pet.

Establishing a smooth and fun new life with a pet takes a bit of planning and effort. Yet, just by taking care of the basics of pet-proofing and optimizing your home, along with connecting with local pet-care pros, your life in Miami with a furry friend will be off to the best possible start.

To find the perfect home for you and your new best friend, trust the pet-loving MBG team! We all have dogs, so we know from experience the best home features and accommodating neighborhoods across Miami that you’ll want to explore. We’re here for you — get in touch!