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Why Miami Condo Sales Continue to Boom

As the South Florida real estate market continues to roll at a remarkable pace, the top-of-mind question is “how long can this possibly last?” When it comes to Miami condo sales, experts say there are no signs of a slowdown anytime soon.

Developers and Realtors attribute the strength of luxury condo sales to several factors.

Miami Condo Sales Boom 2021 - No Bust In Sight

Tax & Pandemic Refugees

For starters, although the pandemic and weakening foreign currencies triggered a significant drop in Miami’s international Buyers from places such as Latin America and Russia, those numbers were not only replaced but fantastically eclipsed by the massive influx of domestic “tax and pandemic refugees.”

These Buyers are by-and-large wealthy and self-employed, so they have the freedom to relocate permanently or to establish dual residency, in the latter case often keeping their homes in their original state and buying into the easy-yet-fabulous Miami condo life.

The Great Corporate Migration

Additionally, businesses and corporations are moving in droves to Miami, bringing many of their key employees along with them. In turn, many of these relocating employees have also chosen to keep their single-family homes in their place of origin and take up the Miami condo lifestyle, keeping their options open and simplified in uncertain conditions.

Keeping Prices in Check

Making the smart move amid this Buyer windfall, Miami’s condo property managers and developers are generally staying in line with market values — rather than wildly inflating prices – to avoid creating a glut as the market inches toward a more equal balance. Luxury properties, in any event, have the advantage of being more resilient in the ebbs and flows of real estate, thanks to coveted features such as waterfront locations, abundant premium amenities, and coveted neighborhoods.

Keeping It Fresh

It’s also a notable factor in the positive long-term outlook for Miami condo sales that the need for refurbishment or totally new buildings due to climate and hurricane wear-and-tear keeps the offerings fresh. There’s always a newer property with high-end amenities being built. As long as developers have the cash and a keen eye on what’s happening in the market, investors will continue to snap up and refurbish existing buildings to stay on pace with the luxury market.

International Buyers Will Return

Some bonus food for thought — when pandemic restrictions begin to lift, international Buyers are fully expected to make a comeback, further fueling the demand for luxury condos.

The Bottom Line on the Miami Condo Market

As long as demand outpaces supply — which doesn’t show any signs of slowing anytime soon — the Miami condo market, especially the luxury segment, will remain one of the hottest in the country.

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