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Miami Cash Home Buyers Ready to Tour Your Property

It’s been the big on-going headline of the real estate market for well over a year: There are far more Buyers than there are homes for sale to swiftly accommodate them all.

The result: 2021 has been the best year
for Sellers in Miami real estate history.
And it’s still going strong.

(Scroll down for our Buyer Match chart)

If you’re interested in selling a second home or an investment property, the time is now and there’s no market-based reason to hesitate. You have excellent prospects for getting a full-price Buyer fast (often for cash) with few, if any, contingencies.

If the property is your primary residence and you’re thinking “where will I go?” Call us to discuss your options — while the market certainly  is tight for Buyers, that does not mean there is literally “nothing” to buy.

Homes do constantly come up for sale — otherwise we could not have the record sales we’ve been having for over a year. The issue is that they go fast, so being a cash or pre-qualified Buyer with all your paperwork in order, and having top-rated expert guidance in crafting your offer gives you a big advantage. If you find the easy breezy condo life appealing, your options are significantly expanded. Also, our team has an extensive industry network that we leverage to find homes that are not yet on the market. You can even opt to lease temporarily until the market achieves a better balance, so you can  to find your next perfect home under more relaxed buying conditions.

As for the current selling conditions, again, they could not be better. Miami is awash in Cash Buyers and Pre-Qualified Buyers — all eager to find their perfect home and close the deal fast.

Combine this Seller’s advantage with our record as the #1 Small Team in Closings at Berkshire Hathaway EWM Realty, and you have a winning formula for a quick, easy, and lucrative transaction.

See your Buyer on our chart? Call us! Don’t see your Buyer but want to put out feelers? Get in touch and before you know it we’ll be celebrating your Closing.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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Miami Home Buyer Match