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Get Turned On: Home Automation is on the Rise

“Clap-on! Clap-off! Clap-on! Clap-off!

The Clapper turns things on and off from anywhere in the room.

I always remember that 80’s commercial – granny lying in bed, clapping off the lights in her room without having to get up. How ingenious, I thought. Call me lazy, but the moment I saw that commercial, I knew the Clapper was for me. I think I even put it on my Christmas list that year, but alas never got one.
Thirty years later, The Clapper is still with us (available at Target for $16.39) but technology has gotten a lot more complicated and sophisticated. Now, even our cars light up and unlock their doors as they see you are approaching.

Home Automation
Home automation is definitely on the rise. This is the era of ‘smart homes’. It is projected that by 2020, 55% of households will be ‘smart’. A 2016 study found that nearly half of Americans already own or are planning to install smart technology in their homes. Home automation has certainly made life a lot easier. Even remotely, it allows you to control your home’s security, manage your home’s energy consumption, see what is happening in and around your home while you are away, and control the thermostat, appliances and lighting in your home from almost anywhere. Clapping is no longer necessary, now your cell phone, iPad or voice command technologies are the new control devices.

As high-tech homes are becoming more popular and commonplace, we as professional Realtors must keep up, educate ourselves about different technologies and anticipate our clients’ needs to better serve them. The reality is that smart homes usually get better prices. According to the Consumer Electronics Association and the National Association of Home Builders, installing smart home technology can up the price of a house by 3% to 5%. By 2023, the smart home market is expected to be valued at$137.91 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 13.61% between 2017 and 2023.

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