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Dog Gone Real Estate

What do dogs have to do with real estate

Good school? ✅
Central location? ✅
Dog friendly? ✅

What millennial consider when buying a home.

Yes! Dog friendly real estate has become an important consideration in millennials’ home buying decisions, ranking high on their “must have” lists alongside updated rooms, open floor plans and home offices.
Googling “dog friendly real estate” brings up a slew of articles ranging from ‘sell your home by promoting it as pet friendly’ to Zillow’s pet friendly apartment searches, to Realtors specializing in this particular field. Since 2013, Realtor. com has a rental app called #AskOtis that provides information on dog friendly rentals as well as other ‘tail wagging good news’.

Recently, a client of mine was seriously considering buying the less appealing home rather than the one she really liked because it was in close proximity to the neighborhood dog park. The traditional, shaded fenced yard would no longer ‘do’- what Cleopatra really needed, she insisted, was social interactions with other pooches. Sound crazy?
Real facts about the millennial buyer
Not really, especially when a recent Harris Poll on behalf of Sun Trust Mortgage found that 33% of millennials’ home buying decision is influenced by their dog. Dogs ranking as the top motivators of first time buyer, outranking marriage
(25%) and the birth of a child(19%) by several notches.
This year alone, according to the American Pet Products Association, Americans will spend over $69 billion on their pets.
Talk about pet power!
As a dog lover and dog owner myself, I am also very informed on pet friendly real estate in Dade County. Call The Monica Betancourt Group at 305.632.7248 for all your real estate needs.
P.S. Feeling somewhat guilty for not having attended sooner to my dog Sara’s ( spelled without an H because she’s Hispanic) communal needs, I took her to the park. Needless to say, Sara prefers her South Miami townhouse and being the only child.