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7 Tips For Selling Your Home Fast in Any Market

Listing at the right price and making a first great impression are both vital to attracting buyers, but what else can you do? The Monica Betancourt Group is always dedicated to providing the best service and advice to our clients so we have compiled seven tips for selling your home fast in any market.

Stand-Out from the Competition
Consider adding practical improvements such as, landscaping, high-grade windows or new roof to your home. This will improve the home’s aesthetics, while potentially adding value to the home and attracting more attention to potential buyers. These improvements are things buyers look for and will be perceived very well by potential buyers.

Clean the Clutter & Depersonalize
It is essential to remove all clutter from a home before showing it to potential buyers. The fewer thing that are in the home, the larger it will look. This may include moving furniture around, freeing up space in the garage and tidying up the bedrooms. Also, depersonalize the home by taking down religious items and political posters because buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the space. This will set the stage for the buyer to remember your home. We all know how important first impressions are.

Improve Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is one the most important things to remember when selling a home. The first thing a buyer sees is the home’s external appearance and how the home fits into the surrounding neighborhood. Prospective buyers form an opinion the moment they see a home. Making sure that your home has a fresh coat of paint and well maintained lawn will give your home the best first impression it can offer. Appearances matter a lot in real estate. Curb appeal is everything. Driving into the driveway and walking into that front door sets the expectations. Set your home apart from the rest and make it count.

Get Your Home in “Move In” Condition
Appearances are important, but it is also important that doors, appliances and electrical and plumbing fixtures be in compliance with current building codes and in working order. Again, the idea is to have the home in move in condition and to give potential buyers the impression that they will be able to move in right and start enjoying their new home, rather than time and money fixing it up.

Make the Property Easy to Show
The more flexible you are about visits, the more people will be able to see your home. Chances of selling you home will increase with every new set of eyes that step foot into your home. Also, step out when the house is being shown to potential buyers. That way they can feel more comfortable while previewing the home without feeling like intruders and can discuss the homes pros and cons freely and honestly.

Use Well Taken High Resolution Photos
Most homebuyers start there search online and decide decide which homes they want to see based on photos. The Monica Betancourt Group knows what it takes to showcase your home in the best light. The photos of a home are the very first impression most buyers will get when prospecting their future home. Having quality photos is extremely important in attracting the right buyers and the right offers.

Pricing It Right
Price it right from the start. Regardless of how much you renovate and stage your home, it is still important to price the home appropriately. Sellers often think that they should start the asking price high and then reduce it later on if the house does not sell. Consult with the Monica Betancourt Group to see what comparable homes are going for in your area. You do not always have to be the lowest priced home in the neighborhood, especially if you have made significant improvements, functionally and aesthetically to your home. However, it is imperative not to list your home out of line with other comparable homes on the market.

Bottom Line
Selling a home can seem a bit daunting for many. That being said, when listing your home it is always a great idea to enhance your home’s attractiveness to generate interest and get the best price possible in any kind of real estate market. These tips coupled with the years of experience The Monica Betancourt Group offers will increase the odds of getting your home sold. Using a real estate agent will save you money and headaches. Have MBG by your side throughout the entire process from beginning to end and experience the difference of having unparalleled personal attention to every detail of the transaction. Happy Selling!