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300 Biscayne expected to be Miami’s tallest building

Standing at 1,041 feet tall, 300 Biscayne is promised to be Miami’s tallest building, as well as the tallest residential tower south of New York. Located in downtown Miami, the highly anticipated ultra-luxury development is set minutes away from the new Miami World Center and several of Miami’s cultural attractions.

New renderings from 300 Biscayne’s official website showcase a new look for the development. The exterior renderings, produced by ArX Solutions, show an impressive staggered tower that looks like a building comprised of ‘stacked-boxes’ dominating the skyline. The luxury residential project’s initial approved plans portrayed two towers with what appeared to be several walkways connecting them.

The 800,000 square foot ultra-luxury tower will feature a five-star hotel brand in addition to about 500 residences, as well as the second wellness-focused spa of its kind. Moreover, a 20,000-square-foot sales center is currently under construction and will be available in the near future.
Another large residential project is also planned to rise adjacent to 300 Biscayne. Consisting of nearly 700 “smart apartments,” 400 Biscayne is also in the plans of the same development team.

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